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Playboy… again

OCTOBER 30, 2006
Some piece about conquesting females.
I also have done one illustration in my life for Playboy (back in 1991). And here it is.
Lucky you!

Following the thread from José's post:
I did get the original art back. The check however had unacceptable contract language on the back so if I countersigned it I would grant my rights to Playboy. I needed the money and they haven't sued me. Maybe I should charge them for storage of "their" property?

I was so excited to be in a big national publication back then and I had to see the printed piece. We were headed off on vacation somewhere; the station wagon filled with gear, two little girls and my ever supportive wife. We couldn't head out of town until she'd run into the a well-stocked newstand and bought several copies of the desired issue of Playboy. I think Janet Jackson was on the cover. That's a funny memory: Mommy and Daddy surreptitiously looking at Playboy while two Barbie-enthralled kids in the back seat wondered why we had stopped.
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