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Uncommissioned Work

JULY 17, 2016
"Goslings" 07-03-16, ink, pencil
As I go along, I am assembling my 2016 Observations into a book of some sort (it's up to 340 pages now; I need to edit at some point --It's only July!)
Already completed books are available on-line.
"Blue Goose" 07-04-16, ink, crayon
"Heron03" 07-05-16, ink, pencil
"Heron01" 07-08-16, ink, charcoal
"Goose" 07-09-16, ink, charcoal
"Duck" 07-16-16, ink, charcoal
"Dam with robins" 07-17-16, ink, charcoal
Nature abides… despite all the craziness of this year (or was it last year? Or next year?) the river flows over the dam nearby. Ducks, geese and herons come and go. The water level goes up and down. Algae blooms menacingly earlier than ever in the Spring and otters make snow slides in subzero winter. And with the seasonal rounds, care and detachment embrace in my mind. This is something worth committing to something slightly more permanent than mere memory: charcoal and ink on a piece of flimsy paper for instance.
Who might commission these works? What might they illustrate? The price is right: sanity and a gift to an insane world. À votre santé!