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Oct. 19: Happy Birthday Ed Emberley!

OCTOBER 19, 2006
This is a screenshot from Ed Emberley's nice website. It's very similar to the books but the books are way better.
Oct. 19th is Ed Emberley's birthday.
Ed Emberley is the author, designer, illustrator of an influential series of drawing books for kids. He's also a Caldecott Award in his trophy case. Here's a blurb I wrote about him on my website:

"Thanks to my daughters and the long and well-stocked shelves at my local library, I discovered Ed Emberley's fabulous and witty drawing books. Besides being a great artist and designer, Emberley is motivated by the conviction that anyone can learn to draw. To demonstrate this, he has written elegant and jaunty "how-to" books that break down the drawing process into steps that utilize simple shapes, colors and lines. These books are great resources for artists and animators. My favorite picture book of Emberley's is "Go Away Big Green Scary Monster." This deceptively simple and colorful book uses carefully designed cutouts that develop into the "big green monster" as the pages are turned. By the middle of the book the monster is fully revealed. In the last half of the book, parent and child methodically disassemble the monster and make him "Go Away!." It's a brilliant, generous, helpful, entertaining and very satisfying book that elevates the simple act of turning pages into a creative/destructive empowering act.
With his wife Barbara Emberley, Ed Emberley illustrated "Drummer Hoff" which won the 1968 Caldecott Award. Emberley lives near Boston and is the father of another noteworthy illustrator, Michael Emberley."
Ed Emberley website
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