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Deluded Doodles

FEBRUARY 10, 2013
This is one of my favorite objects in the Museum of Fine Arts (Boston). It's a fancy Yoruba diviner's bowl from Nigeria. It shows the trickster/messenger God Isu in various poses. The most unique carving on the lid of the bowl, shows Isu on a bicycle with his pipe and several lovely attendants holding his book. He's a man on a mission; he's laid back but focused.
Isu reminds me of Hermes, one of the Greek gods (he of winged feet and snakey caduceus). These folks get around. They seem to be smarter than most of the gods and goddesses even. They have a certain sprezzatura but also a vulnerable side. Isu and Hermes can be gods then, or patron saints for artists.
Like Isu, puffing away, we run our errands and speed up the hands of time or squeeze a little extra something from the setting sun. But in the end, we're at the mercy of our clients or our own delusions. Below are a few of this past month's deluded doodles from my sketchbooks and other scraps of paper. Of course, when not dreaming and doodling, I find time to complete work for other people's stories. 
2-10-13: another Isu and his Greek chorus of chattering birds
a flexible fox doodled during the sermon at church
Pearl, the pretend Peacock
The Stork or maybe Gentleman Jim Crow (from Dumbo)…sort of. Maybe an undertaker even.
For me, pictures come first, stories later. This has caused a few problems.
I've been trying focus in on this character lately. I need to know his story. It seems hopeless most of the time.
If I just have a couple of minutes, a mindless little town emerges from my brush. Will they ever amount to anything noteworthy?
Oh, the bear helps a little mouse. Maybe there's a children's story in that. But why have I fixated on calling the bear "Orpheus?" And the mouse? Persephone? Really?
So here's Orpheus with his lyre (a guitar really) stuck in irons again without a friend in the world!
I call this "St. George" of course. But he's nice to the serpent (and you should be too!).
I have no clue what is happening here: a duck and a hippopotamus at a secret pool in some out of the way desert oasis? Go on…
This is a self-portrait of me and my muse. She lives in a bubble now and seems to be incorrigibly imaginary. Wish I could pop that bubble and get her to talk.
2-10-13: I just made this this morning. I swear, I've been to this place and and seen the shimmering moon. So it's not imaginary at all. But I want something to come at me over those waves, don't you?