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Scratching the Itch

DECEMBER 3, 2012
I usually fill a black hardback sketchbook every month or two. Here are some snapshots from work in the latest one. These are all uncommissioned personal work (ie: doodles). I also use it for sketching out of doors. It's all very enjoyable therapy.
A few of the images anticipate or pick up a few old ideas that I plan to turn into picture books of my own making. A few publishers have made mild inquiries; the ball is in my court. There's no resting in this business is there? Amen to that!
Babes in the woods: mixed media and collage
More mixed-media, collaged whimsy: A sleepy elf and his vigilant pup.
I've been drawing crows a lot lately. This is a trend that should continue throughout the winter and spring. This is how I make my living!
Always, variations on a theme: birds, abandoned castles.
Part of a new collection I'm calling "L'Heure Bleue". I hope it coalesces into a book proposal.
I used an actual crow feather quill to draw this one (plus a bunch of other stuff).
the pleasures of a steel crow-quill pen
Schizophrenic Golem
Sleepwalking elves while waiting at the Mall for my daughter
the astronomer's bicycle
Baby Kong makes a new friend
Three companions resting on the rocky beach
one of the arches of the Pleasant Street bridge in South Natick (crayon)
The other side of the bridge. There may have been some snow.
An orchid in the greenhouses at Wellesley College (a good place to go in the winter).
one lone pomegranate seen at the greenhouse last weekend. Etc, Etc, Etc!
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