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My Little Monkey

OCTOBER 6, 2006
Just like me, he's reading the early edition.
Leo Espinosa's post about the Hawaiian Hula Monkey doll made me consider posting a gallery of monkey doodles. What is it about monkeys?!

This little fellow has roosted in my sketchbook this past week. He's kinda cute and quick and interesting to draw. My current sketchbook is good and small and I'd just get bogged down in a bigger book right now because time has been super scarce.

I like the limited shapes and color. The small confines of the white rectangle are challenging to design within. It's straight-ahead, no Command-Z fun. I love the "brushiness" of my black paint (Speedball water soluable printing ink) and I'm reminded of Dick Bruna's Miffy and Russel Hoban's "Francis" books illustrated by Garth Williams. It's wonderful to come up with something that reminds me of my heroes but is my own.      More images: My Little Monkey
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