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The Red Castle

JUNE 27, 2012
I've found posterus.com to be an easy platform to post brief pictorials of my sketchbook work. This diversion is part of my attempt to keep the drawger front page focused on more worthy news items! But, I live to blog (or vice versa!).
With posterus (which was recently acquired by twitter), I focus on one picture and then add a slide show of detail images. Sometimes I write a little story or speculation to accompany it. Then I feed it to my facebook page and voilà! …it's on to more important tasks (like packing my bags for a trip to Iceland!). They look kind of like this:
06-25-12 mixed media. Part of the never-ending Crystal Cities thing.
And what is the purpose of all this blogging and naval gazing? Is it just self-absorbed wonder and delight at an ant's eye view of one's artwork? Or is it hard-nosed self-promotion on the cheap? Intervention-worthy procrastination? Yes! All that and more! Totally.
My salvation is only is possible only if you too are momentarily (a nanosecond; nothing more) thrilled and start to drag your fingers through the dust and simply create a thing that hasn't existed yet. Today, perhaps…