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Alain Lachartre

JULY 7, 2011
Alain Lachartre is a designer and artist from Paris. He is the founder of the agency Vue sur la Ville which is now allied with Mister Brown, another French design studio.
I do not know Alain Lachartre well. Then again, a physicist would probably tell you that he has never seen a black hole either. Nevertheless, black holes exist and the physicist governs all his assumptions about his world as if they exist in the same way that you and I exist.
So, Lacharte is real. His presence is felt and I have proof that he is appreciated throughout the vibrant world of French design and illustration. I am a facebook friend and we have collaborated on a few small exchanges over the past year or two (last year I was honored to contribute to his annual calendar for his design studio Vue sur la Ville & Mr. Brown. I hope to meet him the next time I go to Paris. Or maybe I'll invite him to Boston and we'll go to a Patriots game and toast Mr. and Mrs. Bundchen.
I was prompted to write an appreciation of him because in selecting work for an exhibit this coming September (2011) I came across a piece in my sketchbook from September 2010 I hadn't scanned and it reminded me of how much his paintings have amused and inspired me. Salut Alain!
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"Foumisinges énervantes"
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