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Design School

NOVEMBER 16, 2010

I just learned that ITC has posted all the back issues of Upper & lowercase on-line. I'm in a pensive mood today and it got me thinking about my design education (such as it is):
  • I got a subscription to U&Lc in 1974. My high school teacher must have seen some spark that I couldn't see until much, much later.
  • My step-sister gave me a copy of the first Milton Glaser book for my birthday that year.
  • Later, as an undergraduate art student, a friend turned me on to the Graphis annuals that were in the open stacks in Morris library at SIU. I naively wondered if Milton Glaser did his own Presstype
  • Later on, with a van still full of my MFA thesis sculpture show, I discovered Creation at Rizzoli.