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Con Game

SEPTEMBER 30, 2010
Picture or story? Chicken or egg? Which comes first?
Maybe Mr. Fox is looking for an egg to eat. Maybe this illustrator is a fox looking for an egg of a story. Will he eat it or sit on it and hatch a story? I imagine I would rather illustrate a story than write one. Yet, just look at this! A torrent of pictures has come out of my fingers in the last year and a half and most of them strongly suggest a story. It's just the most bizarre development: all this work (fun and personally very satisfying) and I get to (got to!) write the darn stories to back them up (beginning-middle-end, the all lived happily ever after). Well okay then. I'll do that too!
Cute little foxes have shown up in the Doodleteria lately. I drew this fellow just this morning.
Blame it on the new kitten tearing around the studio (I know, now you're concerned). Or maybe Carl Jung is getting some sort of revenge or possibly trying to be some help to this illustrator in-between what was and what will be (editorial illustration to children's book illustration). I doodle while I discover the awareness (where did I put that??!) to speak as confidentally as I draw. Well, if a picture is worth a thousand words… I could whup Mike Tyson with my eyelashes!
I've been reading fairy tales lately in a small volume curated by Marie-Luise von Franz who worked with the great Swiss psychoanalyst for thirty years. She specialized in the scholarly and symbolic interpretation of classic fairy tales from many cultural traditions. Without skippinga beat, I guess she'd snicker and say that I'd better let this little fox off the leash or else it's time to turn out the lights and hang up my cleats; there aint gonna be no eggs!
A fearless fox carefully disposes of some beautiful but dangerous sparkly thing.

The frogs are merely passengers. The purple alligators are clearly doing too much work. But the foxes seem to be directing the whole universe. I really can't show this work without acknowledging my admiration for similar drawings by Alain Lachartre. You might be able to view some of his work here.

This fox is apprehensive yet ready for anything. So very Zen (not that I would know!)

Thank you, dear reader, for listening/reading this drivel. It's been my little bit of cryptic self-analysis and pep talk for the intricate work of being creative, self-sustaining and successful. Bonne chance M. Renard!