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A fishing expedition

JUNE 17, 2010
Most of my pictures are fishing expeditions.  The good ones that is. However, when an illustration job becomes a fishing expedition, the result is usually not so good. Those ones often stay in the drawer and rarely see the light of day. Two different fishing expeditions and two vastly different results. How to account for and accommodate them? After all, we all have to eat!
One very real and hard nosed fact about artist-client fishing expeditions is that you always catch something. The synergy may be great and you discover some new power you didn't know you had. Or your strengths were played to and you got validated. Of course, there are those times when you get burned coming, going and yes, every step of the way of long, drawn-out torture of seeing that project to its predictable conclusion.
But the other kind of fishing expeditions! Well, magical or mundane, depending on your attitude, even cleaning seaweed out of your net can be pleasurable and profitable. There may even be surprises in the tangles and the detritus. The only trick, and it's a big one, with this kind of catch, is deciding how to get it to market. For that matter, even finding the market can be arduous in itself.
Today then, a toast! Raise your glasses to the art of angling and the losers who bait their hooks daily. It really is an inside game that, alas, only other anglers ever really truly appreciate.
Fishing is just a way of life for some: you just open your mouth and see what comes in OR goes out.
This dachshund has amore conservative approach but, yeah, she's on the lookout too.
Boy meets Girl meets girl meets boy. Anything can happen when you go fishing so don't give up hope don't forget your manners!