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Just thinking
Because September 16 Sorry, I'm just in a pessimistic mood. About everything? No: just about the good old Homeland™. Where are... City Gardens December 29 The motto of the city of Chicago where I grew up is "Urbs in horto" (Latin for "city in a... Another Orphan June 3 Orphans! My sketchbooks are full of orphans: pictures in search of stories and stories searching for endings. But... Christmas Greetings December 24 The Christmas Story in a nutshell: So God thinks we're dense and so she goes undercover to try to knock some... War Games June 19 My older sister drew horses, the Beatles and, later, the dreamy lads in the Moody Blues. I looked up to my sister. I... Uncommissioned May 13 These drawings were commissioned by… no one! In that hour between 5:00 and 6:00 a.m. something has to... My 15 April 18 It's been entertaining and edifying to read others' lists of influences. I hope that my indulgent... The Merry Muddle April 10 I read an interview with Ryan O'Rourke yesterday. He's a children's book illustrator — among other... Deluded Doodles February 10 This is one of my favorite objects in the Museum of Fine Arts (Boston). It's a fancy Yoruba diviner's bowl... Happy New Year January 1 The Dam November 3 It's with some trepidation that I publish this blog post about the river near my house while thousands: friends,... The Red Castle June 27 I've found posterus.com to be an easy platform to post brief pictorials of my sketchbook work. This diversion is... Memorial Day May 28 Errata March 24 If you're in Paris in April, besides whatever else that idea conjures up, plan to stop in at Galerie Petits... Happy Holidays December 25 Free Advice December 16 My "free" calendar got hijacked the other day by websites that aggregate and trade links for free samples.... The Bridge September 11 I drew the Pleasant Street bridge again this morning. I've drawn it many times over the past two... The Blessed Event August 20 An old acquaintance contacted me out of the blue the other day. It was a short and sweet yet somewhat cryptic... for Eric June 22 The Life & Death of a Pencil Tip May 27 News Flash: pencil lead breaks! I save these little things. I have collections of pencil stubs, scraps of paper... doodlebirds May 1 The Waiting Room April 10 Waiting for the phone to ring? Don't be sad, there's always: Studio work: check Doodle work:... Drawing Nature March 14 I've always thought that the only difference between illustration and what we call fine art is where the text... Recent BD raves & the Crumb show March 7 I was accosted at the Wellesley Library recently by the librarian in charge of the BD (bande dessinée)... Payday December 6 Design School November 16 I just learned that ITC has posted all the back issues of Upper & lowercase on-line. I'm in a pensive mood... Drawing in the 'hood September 8 Somehow, it clicked this summer and I started drawing stuff around where I live. I've lived in South Natick... Field Trip Part 2: Picasso-Degas, MassMoCA, etc. September 3 Part 1 of this report is here I’d been hearing raves about the Picasso-Degas blockbuster at the Clark... A fishing expedition June 17 Most of my pictures are fishing expeditions.  The good ones that is. However, when an illustration job becomes... Ashes, Dust & Ephemera March 30 There's a design company not far from my house. It's a kind of sleepy, well-tended place. I don't know... How are you? March 29 Urban Sprawl February 1 Last week (or was it the week before?) I received a package from France. The contents, when fussed over, checked-in... 2009 - 2010 January 4 winter discontent December 22 Normally on the winter solstice (yesterday actually) I'm smug knowing that even though winter has barely settled... Studio Peek December 18 No ping pong table. No large collectors edition posters. No extensive library full of awards and expensive design... Bonjour! December 8 I'm back and processing, processing, processing impressions and results of a long trip to Paris to attend the... Exploring July 9 Is exploration over-rated? Our muses and mothers tell us to stop and smell the roses, doodle and dabble. Explore.... Reflections January 19 An average American contemplating the state of the Union: Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday and the upcoming presidential... While I'm thinking of it... December 20 Perhaps you can spare a little change to the Red Cross to aid Zimbabweans. The Red Cross International Relief... Snow Day December 19 A much anticipated winter storm has finally arrived here in Metrowest Boston. Fine-grained flakes are driving as... Stuff December 9 Things are getting cluttered in this place. In my head too no doubt. But like an old sweater or a comfortable habit,... Veterans Day November 11 If you have the opportunity today, pay your respects to a veteran for their service and respect the sacrifices they... Two birds, one tree November 5 It's a new day. Despite the ever-present philosophical differences that define our civic life, the indisputable truth... Ask your kids who to vote for! November 4 Undecided October 10 I've never been an undecided voter. My first presidential election was back in 1974 (Muskie ran against Ford who gained... Political Physics September 19 Are there any coincidences in brand design? July 23 Crass coincidence or brilliant marketing?BAWLS is a Guarana "Energy Drink" manufactured by Hobarama LLC in... lkjHZDFOIHUdf July 15 Hey buddy, can you spare 50 Billion? July 9 A short profile of Gideon Gono, Zimbabwe's central-bank governor appeared in yesterday's  Wall Street Journal. I... Independence Day... July 2 This recent series of sketchbook pages suggested an oblique (at best) and moderately sarcastic rumination on... Creativity is... June 24 A thoughtful thought for the month of June from a new gallery of sketchbook effluvia:"An artist could say that:... Memorial Day May 26 Painting in Progress May 7 I imagine that there are many ways to go about a dedicated and disciplined painting regimen. For several years I... Mugabe April 6 I've been obsessing over the fate of Zimbabwe and Robert Mugabe this past week. For a little while I thought the... Why? March 25 4000 and counting...The hopelessly fragmented man observed: "Even in the most extreme experiences, far from our... So? March 21 It was nice of the Vice President to remind us the other day that he's still around. To this joyous news one might be... Kryptonite February 25 KRYPTONITE, as you probably know, is an imaginary substance that has a negative influence over Superman's ... Valentine's Day February 14 Color Therapy February 13 I've been hanging out at Colourlovers.com this morning and these are the palettes I saved as favorites. There's... It's Monday January 7 My brain flits and jerks around in response to the images forming in front of me early in the day. Here are a few... A Helpful Reminder November 22 Six years out September 11 In honor of those who actually lost something six years ago on this day, I urge you to forget Bin Laden temporarily and... Mmmmmm... ! July 6 I love my job!  Drawing-Collage-Paint: a well-oiled studio with projects and possibilities everywhere I look.And... Arp's Bicycle June 26 Who here has an Epson printer? Just about everyone. I'm mostly satisfied with mine but it has a nasty habit of thinking... A Sleeping Nation Goes Off to War June 23 After a variety of artistic meanderings, this image arrived out of the welter of marks that were seeking some kind of... Dark Thing March 16 A slightly optimistic-looking yet dystopian cityscape from my sketchbook this morning and a dark rough mbira melody to... Letters from kids March 6 Bob Staake's inspiring story about how Michael, an autistic student,  wrote him  a fan letter, got me... Good Day Sunshine! February 28 Here is a happy face to brighten up your morning. Spring IS on it's way. The birds are starting to go nuts and there's... Twilight in America? February 16 Every morning I work in my sketchbook. It takes about a month or two to complete one. Part personal journal, part daily... Thoughts on the Afterlife January 29 On the spiritual plane, two souls meet for the second time:"Oh, I can see you're new here. I'm glad the wings fit... Today… January 15 I wanted to do some little thing to acknowledge the Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday that we observe today. Art Directors Club 86th Invitational poster art December 22 There has been some heated discussion in the chat boards regarding the most recent Call for Entries poster for the Art... "Just Walking By" October 30 Here's a little musical doodle I've been working on lately: powered by ODEO Someday (hopefully soon) I'll get these... Halloween Heads October 24 Around this time last year, my daughter and I were making cut paper doodles. We made a bunch of faces. Just fold the... angry picture September 12 An angry little picture:As I see it, the G W Bush White House (and the corporatized) media have made a circus out of... Goodbye Summer September 1 Even in the midst of Nature's beauty this summer, I frequently found myself juggling assignments and re-negotiating... Geometric People May 25 For lack of a better term, Geometric People: I'm trying to make sense of this theme of mine. Maybe a Drawger gallery... May 4th May 4 Hey! It's Hal Mayforth Day!Cool!Hats off to you Hal! The Juggling Act April 27 I've been way too busy lately with a wide variety of projects that have snarled up life. All the chickens came home to... A tyranny of sketchbooks March 27 About ten years ago, my sketchbooks took over and became the focus of my creative life. It coincided with that other... Promises, Promises! March 24 I do hereby promise and faithfully swear to add content to this here blog as often as I possibly can.