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NYT-Disruptions December 4 A small commission from Bernadette Dashiel of the New York Times last week let me dust off my editorial skills a... Birdman April 16 December Errata December 16 First: A recent passle of illustrations done for The Christian Science Monitor for their 2010 end of the year Gift... A fishing expedition June 17 Most of my pictures are fishing expeditions.  The good ones that is. However, when an illustration job becomes... For Patrick May 11 Below is the progression of sketches for this half-page editorial illustration for "Rethinking Schools"... Innovation / Imitation? April 19 This job for Greg Klee at the Boston Globe started out as a bit of a fishing expedition. Because we... A mild case of schizophrenia September 22 Cool it! August 6 The hot doldrums of summer have assembled in a murky miasma of heat, humidity and lassitude. Sometimes I think of... Rethinking School lunch May 25 Piling on here: More thanks to Patrick Flynn for this latest commission about a school system that rebuilt itself,... Dunlavey/Bakal Sketchbook 2007-2009 April 27 2007? Was it 2007 when Scott Bakal and I first talked about sharing a sketchbook? Seems like it wasn't that long... Not Valentines Day February 10 This was for a piece that ran in the New York Times last weekend. It was  for an essay by a man marvelling at how... Kneejerk November 21 This was about a guy who sued his employer for firing him while he was recovering from knee surgery and on a medical... Let Them Eat Cake October 27 Dave Gothard's Uncle Moneybags deer-in-the-headlights reminded me of a fat cat I drew a few years ago. C'mon, you've... Integrated Building Systems October 24 The process of making an illustration is often like the subject of this spread I recently completed for NFPA Journal.... Credit Default Swaps October 2 Newsweek Magazine Senior Art Director Dan Revitte asked me to draw him a picture of these financial "weapons of... Sketches - Finals 3 May 14 Some of you may know Tim Davin, the art director at Canadian Business Magazine in Toronto. We hadn't  worked... Sketches - Finals 2 May 2 This full page illustration was done recently for a college law journal article about a steel industry merger that... Hear hear: To Patrick! March 7