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OCTOBER 31, 2013
Hello Drawgerville. I am still fogging the mirror!
I'm the little guy on the right and I'm about to leap gracefully (I hope) through the hoop the big person is holding. A book project is overdue and  j u s t   a b o u t   d  o  n  e. Just a few more things to clean up!
Then I jump to several (languishing) projects: another children's book, a commission for the East Hampton Library, my own book proposals. Despite this abundance of projects and, alas, my attendant lack of discipline and complaining™ , I find time each morning to scribble in my sketchbooks for no apparently useful reason except the grim reality of my own coffee addiction and my happy, open-ended Art therapy. Enjoy! Tons more at my tumblr, flickr, blog 2 and blog 3.
10-05-13 A Romantic Cormorant
10-08-13 -Storkville
10-12-13 -at the greenhouse
10-13-13 -The careful Imperialists
10-17-13 -The children are coming!
10-21-13 -Another dreary holiday in irons
10-23-13 -Playground time
10-24-13 Turkish delight
10-27-13 --a self-portrait probably
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