Rob Dunlavey
Another winter storm is knocking on the door today but it's cozy inside. Winter: another reason to curl up and procrastinate with a second cup of coffee and ponder that teetering pile of books next to my work table and bed.
a Seattle Art Museum monograph titled "Hopper's Women". Inside I found two Hopper sketches of fashionable Parisians (1906-07) that startled me. They remind me the Italian illustrator: Lorenzo Mattotti
from Mattotti's "Private Room" series
This winter I've been leisurely taking in the delights of "À la recherche de la temps perdu" by Marcel Proust. I never knew…! But I procrastinate here too and find at the library a book about Proust and turn-of-the-century Paris. The cover is adorned with an idealized portrait of young Marcel by Jacques-Emile Blanche (which reminds me of our own fabulous Gerard DuBois).
Montaigne was the original blogger. He invented a form of writing we take for granted: the essay. Pretty amazing. His curiosity, sense of humor and fearlessness are inspiring. I see similar traits in Christoph Neimann's "Abstract City". Brilliant work. It gives one faith in humanity while looking it squarely in the eyes.
"Keeper" is in my bedside queue (cover illustration by August Hall). I just finished illustrating a wonderful rhyming picture book by Kathi Appelt so I'm anxious to read this prose work. To the right is a loving biography of E.H. Shepard. Who was E.H. Shepard?
Ernest H. Shepard? He of Winnie The Pooh, Punch, and The Wind In The Willows fame? Of course!
A few more Shepard sketches done in his 90's for Punch. He led an amazing life in a world that doesn't really exist any longer.
Help! I can't keep up! Just yesterday the cursed mailman brought my latest New Yorker with a cleverly sweet cover illustration by Jorge Colombo. It goes on top of the stack (imho: I recommend Sasha Frere-Jones review of the new Beck album).
The bane of my existence and why it takes twice as long to get anything accomplished. Beware of kittens: They distract and turn the brain -and the internet- to mush. Yet another cause of procrastination. OK: back to work!
Morteza Zahedi
This new series of drawings of horses by Iranian illustrator Morteza Zahedi (blog) (facebook) blows me away. He is a prolific and award-winning children's book illustrator.
But the horses! Just when I think I've done something courageous, honest and unique I look  at Morteza's work and I know I have not been extravagant enough.
Happy New Year friends. Make lots of pictures!
all work © 2013 2014 Morteza Zahedi
Christmas Greetings
The Christmas Story in a nutshell:
So God thinks we're dense and so she goes undercover to try to knock some sense into our collective noggins and what we do what? We build about a zillion churches and fight about who's on top! What a waste of time and resources! Shouldn't we be feeding folks and making them feel ok and stuff?
I think so.
Joyeux Noël  mes amis!
Maybe Santa will leave a sweet kitty under your tree this year…
for Doug Fraser, a tricked-out Mustang would be nice
Oops, time to get more eggnog!
an Elf town
yet another beautiful church
Peace on Earth good people!
Hello Drawgerville. I am still fogging the mirror!
I'm the little guy on the right and I'm about to leap gracefully (I hope) through the hoop the big person is holding. A book project is overdue and  j u s t   a b o u t   d  o  n  e. Just a few more things to clean up!
Then I jump to several (languishing) projects: another children's book, a commission for the East Hampton Library, my own book proposals. Despite this abundance of projects and, alas, my attendant lack of discipline and complaining™ , I find time each morning to scribble in my sketchbooks for no apparently useful reason except the grim reality of my own coffee addiction and my happy, open-ended Art therapy. Enjoy! Tons more at my tumblr, flickr, blog 2 and blog 3.
10-05-13 A Romantic Cormorant
10-08-13 -Storkville
10-12-13 -at the greenhouse
10-13-13 -The careful Imperialists
10-17-13 -The children are coming!
10-21-13 -Another dreary holiday in irons
10-23-13 -Playground time
10-24-13 Turkish delight
10-27-13 --a self-portrait probably
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