Richard Downs
January 2012
Wild & Scenic Film Festival
Brown Pelican | Archival Giclee Print | 12x15" image 17x20" paper | edition of 35
Even small towns that you have lived in for years hold secrets just when you thought that you knew every nook and cranny of the place. Such is the just opened  Haven Underground, a 4,000 Sq Ft  underground night club and exhibition space that was built during the California Gold Rush. The space sits squarely under the heavily touristed Broad Street in Nevada City, Ca. This space holds a few secrets with it's locked up underground iron doors that rumor says, "lead all around under the city with trap doors entering some of the oldest buildings in the 4 square block downtown". I love the history and the mystery of the space.

During the weekend the Haven will be  featuring many speaking engagements and the after hour parties including music during SYRCL's, Wild & Scenic Film Festival. A weekend pass includes access to all films including a Saturday evening with Amy Goodman at the Veterans Hall. This will be a great weekend of inspiring environmentalism and sustainability leadership.

I will be having a 3 day show of my environmentally inspired art portraying unique and endangered creatures that have been impacted by our modern industrialized world. This exhibit has been organized by the Nevada County Arts.

I will be showing a selection of work from my,  "Save Them All" exhibit created for the Sea Turtle Restoration Project and other curious creatures such as the Red Titi MonkeyElectric EelPretty Polly and the Pufferfish.

Richard Downs & Jude Bischoff
The Haven Underground
January 12 - February 8, 2012
Artists reception January 13,  4-7pm
Electric Eel | Archival Giclee Print | 12x15" image 17x20" paper | edition of 35
Pretty Polly | Archival Giclee Print | 12x15" image 17x20" paper | edition of 35
Red Titi Monkey | Monotype | 12x15" image 17x20" paper
Pufferfish | 2 Color Silkscreen | 12x15" image 17x20" paper | edition of 50
Save Them All | Archival Giclee Print | 12x15" image 17x20" paper | edition of 35
Sea Turtle #3 | Archival Giclee Print | 12x15" image 17x20" paper | edition of 35
Please, Let it Snow

Here is one of my latest illustrated Fables for young readers. This story and many others will be included into a broader reading program for kids. This assignment was commissioned by 3CD Chicago. This is a story about a little bird with a broken wing and a challenging Winter fast approaching as he journeys out looking for shelter among the trees while all of his winged bird friends fly south to warmer climate. As the story goes, some trees shoo the little fella away while others take him in. Mother nature has the last call in this tale about,  "Evergreen Trees". Moral of the story, help the little guy or freeze your trunks off!. The folk up here in Northern California are experiencing the driest and warmest months in the last 30 years, bring on some weather and snow so we can fly south in our own style!
"Sir, please sir, can you please help me?"

"Please go away, I can't be bothered"

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