Richard Downs
February 2011
Skinner Howard Contemporary
The group show, X-Rated Valentine opened at the Skinner Howard Contemporary over the weekend and it was humbling experience showing with such a fine group of artists. If you live in the Sacramento, Capitol City area try and make it over to check it out, it is a nice show. During the opening I met a women who was really interested in my work but with her striking blond hair she couldn't identify with my raven-haired archetypes. So I made her 2 pieces shown below that she could pick from without obligation, it all worked out fine.
Woman #126 | Monotype | 12" x 15" | Oil on Japanese Paper | 2011
Woman #127 | Monotype | 12" x 15" | Oil on Japanese Paper | 2011
A few sketches to get warmed up
Skinner Howard Contemporary
One of my all time favorite artists, Manuel Neri was at the opening. Shown with gallerists Pamela Skinner left and Gwenna Howard far right

Chinese Zodiac Family
中国十二生肖 | Oil on Birch | 19x24" | 2011
This was a challenging and fun private commission for a family portrait with the members depicted through the animals of the Chinese Zodiac. I find the Chinese Zodiac much more interesting and entertaining than the Greek Zodiac with all of the 1970's memories of, "What's your sign?" still hanging around. I much prefer being an Honest Dog to a Cancer any day. The original assignment sketches portrayed the family members as paintings hanging on the walls. I tried to work out that direction but the design became so painfully static that it was quickly abandoned. A few more sketches and a few minor changes and I got the green light to make the painting. It was a fun piece to create and through the process I learned a new respect for patience and commitment when working with oils and I am looking forward to doing more pieces like this.
Developmental Sketches
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