Richard Downs
May 2010
"Motor Mouth" | Collage and oil on paper | 12"x15"

Jerry The Junkyard Operator
To make a long introduction short I end up at a junkyard trying to find a part for a car that I am selling:

So I am at the junkyard and this guy comes out of a trailer and his name is Jerry. I noticed a few things. First, he wouldn't stop talking and second, he is wearing Hollywood cowboy boots with spurs and there are no horses around. So Jerry says, "The GM section is,,, see that fence?, It's got a hole in it and you walk through the hole and keep going past the auto crusher and you'll find the model." "OK, Jerry", so I start walking with my ratchet wrench and there is broken auto stuff everywhere in piles and thrown on the ground and I am thinking, "You can do this, it's a challenge, a man challenge, this is good for you". So I continue walking between car piles and all is good and I step down on what appears to be dirt and I hit quicksand, my right foot and shoe go down to the point where mud enters way above the sock area. Oh man, I then realize that I am so far out of my element that I turned around and walked straight out to my car to go home and here comes Jerry, "Hey, did you get the part?",  "No Jerry, it was beyond my abilities", I said.  I drove off and bought the part on the internet and attached it myself. Jerry has no idea that he inspired this piece.
Motor Mouth Design

New Covers

Here are some new illustrated DVD covers for Art direction from Heather Stallings and Bruce Heavin. 

SharePoint 2010 DVD Cover
iPhone & iPod Touch
Word 2010
Cover Design Work
Electric Eel
Electric Eel 1 | Monotype on Bookbinding Paper | 12" x 15"
EARTH: Fragile Planet  is an upcoming exhibit at the Museum of American Illustration at The Society of Illustrators June 3 through July 31, 2010. It was an honor to be invited to create a piece for this meaningful exhibit. The exhibit will be divided into 5 sections: Air, Earth, Water, Energy and Wildlife. I was selected for the Energy topic. I created  2 pieces to make sure I got a piece that I was really happy with. One of these pieces I will frame, haven't decided which piece I like the best, suggestions?. It is going to be a great show and I am looking forward to seeing all the work from the other artists. This show is Curated by Gregory Manchess and Jack Unruh with Co-curators Tara Jacoby and Kate Feirtag. Thank you, Society for the invitation!. 
Electric Eel 2 | Monotype on Bookbinding Paper | 12" x 15"
Electric Eel sketches
New Stuff
Woman & Man #104 2010 | 22" x 28" | Oil on Birch panel
Here are 2 new pieces that I finished while painting a family portrait last week. The oil paint was drying so slow on the family portrait  that I created these 2 pieces in between drying times. They will be added to my ongoing,  "Woman & Man" series.
Woman & Man #105 2010 | 19" x 24" | Oil on Birch panel
On the applied art side of things this is a new DVD cover for for their SharePoint 2007 Designer: Branding title. SharePoint provides you with tools to automate your business processes, build efficient applications on top of the Microsoft SharePoint platform, and tailor your SharePoint site to your needs, all in an IT-managed environment. The client also liked design #6 so they decided to use that design with a slight  modification for the upcoming,  SharePoint 2010 Getting Started release.
DVD Cover Illustration
SharePoint 2007 Designer: Branding Concepts
Design #6 modified for the upcoming SharePoint 2010 Getting Started DVD
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