Richard Downs
November 2009
Love Fest
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We can't let this Illustrators 52 love fest die so here are my pieces that have been accepted into this years show. I must say that I am as humbled as inspired by the support that the society has given to my work and all of the other Drawger work accepted.  Getting the call from Kate Feirtag and Tara Jacoby yesterday was very cool, thank you.
Uncommissioned | MAX the Crystal Skull
Uncommissioned | Red Titi Monkey
Uncommissioned | Amazing Grace | Interpretation of Hymn written by John Newton
Uncommissioned | Pretty Polly | Interpretation of the murder ballad
Small Business Projects
Here are 2 new DVD educational titles that I illustrated for . Office 2008 for Mac: Small Business Projects & AutoCAD 2010. When I was growing up my parents encouraged us to study engineering or architecture but when I flunked out of college chemistry it became obvious that I couldn't hack the math and the folks accepted my path in art. The study of architecture has continued to be an interest so when art director Heather Stallings asked if I could create the cover for AutoCAD 2010, I jumped on. My other brothers listened to the folks and excelled in math with one currently the president of Anova Architects and the other, an electrical engineer and the 3rd, an investor in technology. Out of all of them, I'm the only one who looks good in a beret, so there!.

Alternative color version.
Here are 2 new DVD titles that I illustrated for . Migrating from Windows XP to Windows 7 & Excel 2007: Introduction to Formulas and Functions.

Some covers in context | Art Direction: Heather Stallings
Work in progress. I use Photoshop as a collage tool and try and keep the process as simple as possible.
Ruby Tuesday
Here is a piece for the RubyConf 2009 November 19-21 2009, at the Embassy Suites Hotel at the San Francisco Airport.
Ruby, A dynamic, open source programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity. It has an elegant syntax that is natural to read and easy to write.
The developers picked the red version, I liked the pop on the green version and I also like the Corrs version.

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