Richard Downs
September 2009
New Covers
Photoshop Elements for Windows
Here are some new DVD covers for It is a strange hat to wear,  but I feel like I have morphed into a designer on these projects. I do enjoy creating a product approach in art.
I have included some details and some of my favorite rejected sketches. Thank you Lynda, Bruce Heavin and Heather Stallings for keeping me so busy.
Microsoft Office Excel
ColdFusion 9
Photoshop Elements for Macintosh
Soundtrack Pro 3
favorite rejected designs
Hidden Agenda
Here is an illustration that I did for the fabulous SooJin Buzelli at Plansponsor Magazine. This piece is for the article, "Hidden Agenda". SooJin distilled this technical story regarding hidden 401K fees into a simple paragraph.
image: hidden elements being revealed in lawsuits. Small plans attacking providers over hidden fees and inadequate disclosure.Hidden is the main concept.
I pulled the sentence, "harbinger of things to come" from the first paragraph and focused some of my ideas around bad luck and omens.
SooJin, continues to be the Art Director of surprise and picked the wildest concept.

This is my poster contribution to Green Iran. Iranian photographer, Morteza Majidi invited me to create a personal piece in support of Democracy in Iran. Other Drawgers include, Anita Kunz, Zina Saunders and Tim O'Brien. Best wishes to our friends in Iran.
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