Richard Downs
August 2009
New Covers
Final Cut Pro
I thought that you might like these new DVD covers for the good folks over at It is amazing how essential their educational videos have become for the technology workforce. Our friend who has a lot of traditional experience in radio was preparing for a job interview and one job requirement was to export programs in Pro Tools. Not knowing this program and quickly faced with this challenge, what are you going to do, pass on the opportunity or retool and get current?. She used to get up to speed and walked into the interview, prepared. How was that for a sales pitch?. Technology has not ignored our industry either, as artists, we too are pretty much technology workers.
Art Direction: Heather Stallings
Premiere Elements X for Windows
Pro Tools 8: Mixing and Mastering
my favorite rejected sketches

Pretty Polly
"Pretty Polly", "The Gosport Tragedy" or "The Cruel Ship's Carpenter" is a traditional folk song found both in the British Isles and in the Appalachian region of North America.

The song is a murder ballad, telling of a young woman lured into the forest where she is killed and buried in a shallow grave. Many variants of the story have the villain as a ship's carpenter who promises to marry Polly but murders her when she becomes pregnant. When he goes back to sea, he is haunted by her ghost, confesses to the murder, goes mad and dies.

Mr. Hilliard Smith Aug. 10, 1910 Kentucky
"O Polly, O Polly, we have no time for to stand. He drew his revolver all out in his hand. He shot her through the heart which caused the blood to flow, And into her grave her fair body he did throw. He threw her in the grave, straightway he did run, Left no one to weep but some small birds to mourn."

Here are 2 new DVD cover illustrations for
Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 & Pro Tools 8-Film Scoring
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