Richard Downs
May 2009
"Dodo Heart and Mind" | Oil on Paper 12"x15" | personal art for upcoming show

Here is my contribution to a group show titled,  "Make Art or Die - Graphics and Boards" at  A Bitchin' Space gallery curated by artist Gale Hart. Gale is a fabulous artist and she asked me to paint a  deck. I didn't really want to paint a deck so I made a work on paper instead. I was shooting for a humorous Teen Wolf image and ended up with this. Below are my sketches (see Mike,-Wolfman sketch!).

Brand Damage
I did this piece for BusinessWeek as Domino's Pizza grappled with the damage to its brand following a widely viewed prank video made by employees at a North Carolina outlet and put up on YouTube showing a worker sticking cheese up his nose before adding it as an ingredient. This story looked at what can be done to restore this and other brands when such things occur. Art Director Victor Williams, picked my first idea of a play on the pizza box. It was a long shot that Victor would pick my sketch of the company caught with its pants down, but I gave it a try. : )

The Art of Taking Feedback
Thank you Greg,T,A,J  and all,  for inviting me to be part of your community here at Drawger. I hope that you find my contributions interesting.  This is a recent job from BusinessWeek. Synopsis:
Suggestions and, yes, criticism from colleagues, bosses, and underlings can be especially valuable to managers in hard times, as their companies try to survive the economic turmoil. But not everyone can take suggestions or criticisms. This article  explains how to stop worrying and learn to love listening. It's about being able to decipher valuable things in otherwise harsh statements.
It was a pleasure working with art director,  Victor Williams on this assignment. Victor picked the best of the sketches.

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