Richard Downs
"A Memory" | 12x15" Image | Monotype | 2012
"Memory"   group show
Sacramento Temporary Contemporary
May 10, 2012 - Preview Opening 6-9pm
May 12, 2012 - Saturday Opening 6-9pm
Exhibit May 4 - May 27, 2012
I will be part of this fun little group show. If you are in the area please drop on by!
"Cooking with Spices" | Approved Sketch 8x10" Colored Pencil | Final Painting 40x52"
I have moved my studio and I am thrilled with my new space. No longer will I be backing into walls or bumping my paintings against studio cabinets. Just in time with my new studio move is a new private commission for a large scale oil painting. The sketches above were the final favorites with the client picking #3 titled, "Cooking with Spices". The final  painting will be installed in the dinning area of a So Cal collector. I haven't started the piece yet but, hey! I have a nice space to paint it out in.
My new studio. Needs some smoothing out.

Creating my piece for the "Memory" show I pulled some extra time to make some new Monotypes to add to my "Couples" series. I can't believe that I hadn't done a new "Couples" piece since 2011. All of these pieces will be placed into different galleries.
"Couple #201" | 5x7" Image | Monotype
"Couple #202" | 5x7" Image | Monotype
"Couple #205" | 12x15" Image | Monotype
"Couple #206" | 12x15" Image | Monotype
"Couple #207" | 12x15" Image | Monotype
Selected for American Illustration 31
On a professional illustration note I was honored to receive word that these 2 pieces have been selected for American Illustration 31.Thank you, to all of the judges!
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