Richard Downs
The World's Tiniest Businesses
Here is a cover Illustration for Strategic Finance magazine. Art Director, Mary Zisk requested my rendered style and an image that didn't require a big concept but something with a folk art and Latin American feel to it. Mary suggested the tortilla making scenario, one of the case studies about a woman in Nicaragua who makes tortillas for a living. This  fascinating article about microbusinesses in developing countries was written by Business Administration Professors from Harvard, Rice and Portland Universities. Simple accounting, microcredit and microfinance has become one of the most promising approaches yet developed to address the seemingly intractable problem of global poverty.
So, without the security of a big concept I jumped into designing a woman making tortillas. The tortillas ended up being the most challenging part of the assignment. The tortilla itself is graphic enough, but the color and texture required some extra problem solving. If you don't believe my tortilla challenge, try and draw a cool tortilla.

Detail of face
Detail of flowers
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