Richard Downs
Woman #139 | Monotype | 4x6" | 2011
Last week my solo show, "Couples and Curious Creatures" opened at The Center for the Arts. At the opening a couple liked the little monotype above as a gift for their daughter who just purchased a home. The concern was the tiny scale and I explained that I am working toward a small works show and work for the launch of a new gallery dedicated to small works so I have been doing lots of mini pieces. Too small was the final decision but they did commission me to do a larger version. On private monotype commissions I always make 2 with no obligation to buy either one. I had so much fun on these I made 3.
Woman #151 | Monotype | 12x15" | Trying to capture the attitude of a small piece in a larger format is impossible when using the same drawing materials such as the pencil and lets not forget the physical size of your arm and it's ability to sweep over a small surface area.
Woman #152 | Monotype | 12x15" | This was the second piece completed. The dress on the first seemed a bit stiff being so straight so I curved the dress to soften the form. The curtains on the red plate turned into a big red form which bugged me so I broke up the space with some black lines which I was happy with.
Woman #153 | Monotype | 12x15" | This was the last piece finished and I processed a lot of design on the first 2 which I tried to incorporate the most successful ideas into this one. Don't know if she has curly hair.
After I completed the red plate and as I was allowing them to dry the client called me and decided to purchase a "Couples" piece since their daughter is married, I thought that was a good idea! I didn't tell them that I had already finished the red stage, no worries. I will be taking these to Truckee tomorrow to install a show that opens Friday night, it all works out.
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