Richard Downs
July 2010
22" x 28" oil on panel
Here is a new oil painting and monotype added to my continuing series of imaginary people trying to connect. I added some detail shots.
12" x 15" monotype
New Monotypes
Sitting around waiting for the phone to ring ain't my cup of tea. When I don't have a commission I do 4 things. First, I ride my bicycle and after that I pull weeds in the yard and then I panic and finally,,, I start making some work and feel right. Here are some new Monotypes that I created over the last couple days. There is some motive behind the pieces. I was invited to have a booth at the Lake Tahoe GreenFEST a couple of weeks ago and I went for it. It was much more fun than you would have thought so I signed up for "Truckee Thursday" the following week. Truckee was good so I made these pieces for this Thursday. If you are interested in any of these please let me know.
This series of work was loosely inspired by the 1992 song, "Blood of Eden" by Peter Gabriel and produced by Daniel Lanois. But, I found this while looking for it, a favorite, enjoy.

New Covers 2
Revit 3 by Autodesk. Bundled with AutoCAD
Here are some new illustrated DVD covers for the good folks at I am a big fan of the graphic work of M.C. Escher and I saw a retrospective of his work at the Crocker Art Museum a few years ago and I was completely blown away. I was so intrigued with his work that I didn't look up to read anything about the mans life. Who did he do these pieces for and why, were they commissioned? hmmm, don't know. I can't think of any other artist whose work embraces the spirit of modern technology the way Escher's work does. No surprise that he influenced some of these new pieces.
OneNote 2010 by Microsoft
Avid Media Composer 5 “The worlds fastest film and video editing system”
Excel VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)
DVD Covers
Design Work
More Than A Feeling
More Than A Feeling | Oil on Wood Panel | 12" x 15" x 2" | 2010

Cathie and Edel did a rockin' job of putting together a show at La Luz de Jesus during ICON 6, The Illustration Conference. Here is the piece that I made for the show. I hope that you can all make it to the opening.
works by Picture Mechanics
La Luz de Jesus Gallery
July 14, 6-11 pm

The World is Different

I created these  pieces in response to the latest news that  endangered sea turtles have become victims of BP's controlled burning of oil slicks. This environmental disaster is beyond belief. To learn about the Sea Turtle Restoration Project.

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