Richard Downs
June 2010
Woman & Man
Woman #92 | Monotype | 3.5"x5.5" | 2008
I have been exploring this human relationship theme through printmaking and painting for 8 years. With Zimm's redesign of my website I was able to effectively combine my personal work with my applied work and get rid of my stand alone fine art site. It was fun to revisit this stuff and see how the style has changed yet stayed the same. If you have time please check out the work here. thanks!
Woman #86 | Oil on Paper | 12"x15" | 2008
FileMaker Pro 11
FileMaker Pro 11 detail
I have been having a lot of fun designing and painting these technology pieces used in the packaging artwork for Here is my DVD cover for FileMaker Pro 11. I made 2 finals and I am undecided which piece I like the best?. I have also included my design work below.
FileMaker Pro 11

Warrior Pose
PowerPoint 2010 detail
The Warrior Pose is my favorite Yoga position which reminds me that I need to get back to doing Yoga. Here are some new DVD covers for These pieces are a lot of fun to create and the biggest challenge for me is finding new ways to push enough color into the design to drive a cover.  Art Direction from Heather Stallings and Bruce Heavin.
Access 2010 detail
Outlook 2010 detail
Excel 2010 detail
PowerPoint 2010
Access 2010
Outlook 2010
Excel 2010
Design work for the 4 covers including FileMaker Pro
The Peaceable Kingdom
The Peaceable Kingdom of Floating and Flying Creatures
One of my favorite archetypes is the idea of the Peaceable Kingdom. The concept is universal and has been explored and implored through every culture including our own with Rodney King's famous words, "Can we all get along". My favorite graphic interpretation was developed by Edward Hicks (1780-1849) in his Peaceable Kingdom paintings which inspired this piece. His piece is so incredible it is almost painful showing my version next to his but, here you go!.
Edward Hicks, The Peaceable Kingdom (1826), National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC
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