Richard Downs
March 2010
MAX Edition

MAX the Crystal Skull 2010
2 Color Silkscreen Black & Magenta
Image Area 12" x 15" Paper size 17" x 21"
Printed on Japanese archival paper
Signed and numbered silkscreen print
Edition of 60
$50.00 unframed. introductory release price
$15.00 U.S. shipping and handling
PayPal and checks accepted

I created the original MAX monotype soon after MAX came to Nevada City on tour and I was fascinated by his history. Legend tells us that there are 13 ancient crystal skulls in the world. Estimated to be thousands of years old, MAX was found in Guatemala between 1924 and 1926. It is considered that MAX was used by Mayan priests for healing and prayer. Many who have touched MAX have had instantaneous healings, received information about the origins of civilization, seen visions of other worlds, heard unusual sounds and have experienced expanded psychic abilities. My original MAX monotype was accepted into the ILLUSTRATORS 52 book and exhibit for 2010. I printed the entire edition by hand in my Nevada City studio.This Limited Edition Print will bring good luck.
MAX doing what he does best
Our first printmaking studio. Pasadena , Ca 1987
My studio after I printed and shipped the Pufferfish Screen Print. Nevada City , Ca 2010
My studio and how it looked 10 years ago. Nevada City , Ca 2000
Motor Head
With no expectations, what kind of image do you compose for a techno Bay Area couple that loves motorcycles, sports cars, ball gowns, good wine and other fun things like fairies and video games?. First, I tried to sell them 2 works on paper for the price of a painting. They didn't go for that and wanted something physically substantial , a painting. I don't consider myself a painter but more of a printmaker but I had a blast making this piece. I hope that my final art will challenge their expectations .
Oil on birch panel | 24" x 31"
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