Richard Downs
January 2010
Untitled 3
"Untitled 3"
Here is a personal piece that I created inspired by the depiction of cigarette smoking in art.

Design Evolution
Inspiration: Otto Dix 1926
Untitled 2
"Untitled 2"
Here is a personal piece that I created inspired by Music, Film and Contemporary Mythology. After working digital for a week this is how I blow off steam, - paint thinner and oil based inks.

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Got Quick?
You have to be Quick these days. These new DVD titles deal with software that is Quick. Slow doesn't make it anymore. Slow Books, Slowen doesn't quite have the same ring!.
Ruby on Rails
Quicken 2010
Covers, Art Direction : Heather Stallings

VV Brown - Quick Fix

Train your Brain
This was a fun piece to create for Marc Kauffman at Runner's World for this months issue. Marc requested my Rendered style for this article with tips on mental training. I counted 31 illustrations in this issue. Us illustrators say,  thanks guys!.
I am a huge fan of two genres of film. That being Science Fiction, and Woody Allen. I have been on a binge over the last couple months buying DVD Sci-Fi films at Blockbuster and the local video store. Gwyn and I have one stipulation when buying DVD's, they can't cost more than 6$, I try and stay in that budget but sometimes it is so hard!. This piece started out as one idea but my Sci-Fi took over and it quickly grew to another. I was going to title it, "Vader's Pie Hole", but I didn't think anybody would get the humor.
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Built for you,
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with the world in mind. Revolution Homes.
This was a branding assignment for a California Green builder. The client was looking for 3 images that would address specific areas of a website and print advertising. After talking to the client I could really feel his passion as a leader in environmental customization and energy options. Doug talked about balance, sustainable forest products, bamboo, Leed, foundations, full hip roofs and traditional 50's bungalows. If you live in Northern California and you're looking for a builder, check them out.

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Art Direction | Nancy Campana Design
12" x 15" | Monotypes on painted paper

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