Richard Downs
Color 1.5
Apple Color 1.5 Final Cut Studio
Here are some new DVD covers for for me, I enjoy reading about and creating art relating to technology so these assignments are a treat. Although,  I use technology in my work I must admit that I use very little technology in my lifestyle and I can barely operate my cell phone. When I create these covers art director Heather Stallings gives me a  bit of technology direction with links to Wikipedia and the developer websites and off I go!. The new iPhone SDK technology seems amazing, giving consumers the ability to create  iPhone applications that can then, be published through Apple's App Store. That sounds like fun but maybe I should first,  figure out how to use my LG phone.
iPhone SDK
Flash Player 10 This version didn't make it out of the legal department, too close to the Flash logo.
Flash Player 10 Approved by legal, bill legal 180 minutes Photoshop time.
Apple Motion 4 Final Cut Studio
DVD Covers
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