Richard Downs
Photoshop CS4 - Power Shortcuts
Here is a DVD video cover Illustration for . This new video title offers Photoshop CS4 users an abundance of helpful shortcuts and hidden tricks that allow designers and photographers to get more done in less time.  This title covers strategies for better document and panel management, and offers techniques for becoming quicker and more nimble when using layers, adjustment layers, and layer masks. Sketch #1 and #3  were approved but it was advised not to have any CMYK reference since this course is not specific to print. I went with the Dragster concept and the research was a complete blast, I had so much fun that I had to share some of my reference material.

This was a fun piece because my artistic career started in the custom car painting industry of Southern California in the late 70's. I was a teenage airbrush artist and after High School I tried to make a go in the custom Van and Truck industry that was exploding at that time while navigating myself through the complicated world of art. I got some pretty cool jobs during those few years after High School including airbrushing a Frank Frazetta mural on the "Commodores" (popular musical group in the 70's) Customized Van. The pictures below show a  Dragster and a  Candy Apple Drag Boat (paint only) that I created. I designed the "Walk on Water" typography copying  both a "Uriah Heep"  and "Yes" album covers, designed by Roger Dean.  I was never a gear head and only liked doing the painting and after a few years of working in my homemade spray booth I applied to Art Center College of Design and was accepted in 1980. For the young artists out there that read Drawger, I know first hand as do all Drawger folks that the road to finding yourself as an artist is,,,,,,     getting on that road and going for it!. I guess I am feeling a bit nostalgic with our daughter graduating from High School and starting her own path into the world of fine art. Good luck to all young artists!.

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