Richard Borge
September 2011
Music Video

During most of August I worked on a music video using an existing track from Meat Beat Manifesto (I Am Organic). The video was for an exhibit that runs at .NO Gallery, 251 E Houston Sept 7 - Oct 2, 2011.  Over the years, I have done many CD covers for Meat Beat Manifesto, and when I was looking for a track to animate “I Am Organic” seemed like it would be a lot of fun.  Jack Dangers (MBM) was fully on board and let me basically do whatever I wanted. I had about 3 weeks to wrap it up from start to finish. I was under the gun to get something done, and well, who doesn't like to make fish-like spaceships and fly them around inside the computer?

Below shows one aspect of my sketch and planning process while using Adobe After Effects. I basically break the song down into a timeline (shown), then will draw and sketch different possibilities on the printed timeline as I work. There is probably a much more efficient way to work, but somehow this seems to work for me.  

In addition, I had the idea of setting up a camera behind me while I worked on the computer, and left it there for all 3 weeks. I had this idea after I was well into the process, so that part is not shown.  Check out the small clock in the lower right corner of the time lapse video… funny.  This may be helpful for my friends to see as they often wonder where I disappear to when working on these videos.




NEW PRINTS at .NO Gallery in NYC

Here are a handful of the prints I'm showing at .NO - NONPROFIT GALLERY in NYC. They are archival pigment prints on heavy rag paper, 17" x 22". They are available as limited edition prints.
The gallery director, Sol Kjok (who is an amazing painter and friend) wanted me to showcase some of the sculptures I've made over the years. While my main contribution to the exhibit was in the form of projected animation, I am also showing these prints with some original sculptures. While all the print images are from the summer of 2011, you may recognize some of the sculptures from earlier projects. I gave these sculptures another shot at being seen by re-shooting them and caressing them digitally.
.NO has a diverse group of artists showing, with most of the artists being of Norwegian descent.  (that's where the ".NO" comes from). The exibits and opening nights at .NO are good to keep on your radar.
I will do a separate post with the animation I created for the exhibit, along with a little "behind the scenes process" as well.
HOURS: TUES-FRI 12-6 / SAT-SUN 1-6  (exhibit runs through Oct. 2)
I originally made this for a CD cover for GOV'T MULE.

The spaceman was originally created for a CALLAWAY golf ball ad series. The ad campaign was in print, so it's nice to see him moving in the animation (this is essentially a screen grab)... a whole new personality comes out when they move, especially when combined with audio.

I originally made this sculpture for another exhibit I had with Sol Kjok in Norway, in a small village called Vevring on the fjord coast. It is fitting that he make a cameo here (and in the animation... again, essentially a screen grab).

This sculpture was made as part of an exhibit I had at CPOP Gallery in Detroit. It was inspired by an article I was illustrating for the VOICE on the "search bots / spyders" that roam the web, grabbing bits of information about us (at the time this was a pretty new concept). The sketch for him was not chosen but he nonetheless made it into the world. Here he is again in a re-shoot.

This sculpture was created over this summer. My idea at the time was to make an exhibit that combined African masks with hot rod culture.


Richard Borge / exhibit Wed. Sept 7th
Richard Borge
Wed Sept. 7th, 6-10PM
Exhibiting at:
My friend Sol Kjok is a fantastic painter who is managing a gallery at 251 E Houston called .NO, which has gotten funding from Norway to show largely Norwegian artists (I have Norwegian heritage)... I'm showing mostly animation, along with some prints.  Come out if you can on Wed. thanks!

A few screen grabs.

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