Richard Borge
December 2010
Music Video in progress

Senses Fail video

I’m currently working on an animated music video for the band “Senses Fail”. As I progress further in the project I’ll post more. Particularly after it is released (early Jan 2011) I can/will post more details. Once it’s finished, I’ll post more about getting these projects and how the pitch or “treatment” phase works.

The track has to do with fire, angst, searching for direction, etc. Their music has a nice contrast of grittiness and melody, which I’m hoping to capture with this project. I chose to place most of the story in an old factory (some screen grabs below).

I won’t say too much about the story or the content of the video just yet, but will post some visuals as it gets “built out”. I am constructing the factory in After Effects and Photoshop, both of which work very well together. After Effects is an amazing program in that it allows us (creatives) to incorporate so many different abilities and skills into one project. After Effects allows very 3D environments to be created, then fly cameras around in that environment. I love this aspect of it because there are always many unexpected surprises as these cameras start flying around.

Within the camera, After Effects allows us to control/animate camera position, point of interest, depth of field, blur level, lens size, etc. Not being trained as a 3D/Maya artist, it is a good way to learn about making 3D worlds and lets me bring my Photoshop skills to the project as well. After Effects has been described as “Photoshop’s big brother”, or “Photoshop on steroids” as it has most all of the layer effects, blending modes, etc. that Photoshop has, along with the ability to work on a timeline.

Below are some factory references that I found online, then my early renditions of the factory that I’m building for this project. Eventually I will shoot video (and stills) the main character on green screen and bring him into the factory. I’m planning to really chop up the live action to visually fit the feeling of the factory and song. Thanks for looking, more to come as the project progresses.
the factory as it is being constructed, along with some camera shots from within and around the factory. Note: no lighting effects have been applied, it's just the basic layout so far.
here are a couple of the reference shots I found as inspiration for the factory.

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