Richard Borge
February 2010
Santa Fe Reporter
So I'm really diggin' all the pieces that are being posted for the Haiti 100 show! ... this is not one of those, but coincidentally a "giant head" non-the-less.  It was just done for Santa Fe Reporter for an article about rights being taken away from developmentally disabled people due to budget cutbacks. The idea was to show these people now having to go up against the system (health dept) which seems quite daunting.  A big thanks to Angela Moore for the project, always great to collaborate with.
Keep an eye out for a rendition of this head appearing in a music video I'm currently working on.
cover and detail. (no robots were harmed in the creation of this art)
Thanks guys, I love making this mechanical stuff... sometimes I think I should be a mechanic.
Here is a piece just finished for THE DEAL magazine. The article was about the difficulty of boiling down the complexity of a company stock down into one small package, such as the current stock price. The words on the various boxes were supplied as a few examples of the many considerations to take into account when looking at a company. Larry Gendron art directed this piece (always a pleasure to work with)... I love these very conceptual projects.  
Final art and details of final.
This was done recently for THE UTNE READER. It was an article about how our "gut" and our brain really are connected, which is why we feel emotions in different areas of our body ("heartache", "feeling in your gut", etc). It seemed appropriate with Valentine's Day coming.  Art directed by Stephanie Glaros, who is always really great to work with.
Wall St Journal
This is a piece out today in The Wall Street Journal, Journal Reports page 2. The article was on "cloud computing", art directed by Sheryl Dermawan (who was fantastic to work with). It talked about how this technology affects speed, finances and efficiency.
Full art and details
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