Richard Borge
June 2009
ATM fee increase
Marianne Seregi of the Washington Post called with this article about ATM fees, and how they are on the increase as banks try to recoup some of their losses as of late. A big thanks to Marianne who was very easy and fun to work with.

Thanks guys. I think it ran as a halfpage illo ... Fun one to work on.
pyramid schemer
Firstly, sorry for being way out of the loop. I was working on the animated part of a music video for Keith Urban's "Kiss a Girl", which had me really under the gun (as music videos do) and in full on after effects mode for a few weeks. It is on iTunes home page ($1.99, sorry...I will show it on my site after its been out longer) and I will try to do a post on the process later.

OK, on to illustration: Here are a couple I did for Tailer Senior (great to work with) at PODER 360 magazine. They were for an article on pyramid schemers (ie: Madoff) and how they never have a decent exit strategy in place. They were used as a cover and full page interior. Thx for looking, good to be back.

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