Richard Borge
October 2008
Here is one done a while back for Bush's scare tactics. Happy Halloween!
time to work
I completely agree with Brian Stauffer's article on disgust with the Republicans, and wanted to weigh in on some topics.
After the debate on Tuesday, I was annoyed by the "undecided" (who ARE these people?!). They claimed they didn't hear anything that made sense to them regarding a plan with the economy. I thought Obama did an excellent job laying out his plan, which is the same as my strategy as a self-employed illustrator: cut spending, spend on quality (education, green energy, etc.), and get ready for the long haul. All I heard from McCain is "$5,000 for everybody". Where does THAT money come from, as well as the plan to buy up bad mortgages? I am refraining from ranting about the GOP, it's unending hypocrisy, as well as my disappointment with a large percentage of Americans.
I went insane four years ago when W voters "changed their mind" a few months into his second term. The said "we didn't know", which is incredibly sad and irresponsible, as all the facts were there for a long time, but many Americans just don't take the energy to seek them out. There is a comprehensive article in the current New Yorker's "talk of the town" section by the Editors. It does a solid job of laying out the facts/reality and what to expect from either side in the coming 4 years.
This economic plummet hurts. A year ago I bought my first apartment and increased my monthly expenses x 3. If it takes these kinds of losses to drive out the Republicans, at least I will feel like I got something for all the evaporated money. If Obama is elected, I will shed tears of joy (no, really) and will feel like at least we are coming out of the long, dark tunnel we have been in for 8 painful years.
This country has a lot of work ahead of it. I just hope more Americans spend less time worrying about their ideologies and more time seeking out the facts.
sweating it out
Here is a quirky piece for Santa Fe Reporter. I love working with Angela there because she likes the strange imagery and rarely has to get in the way.
One of my extremely detailed sketches is attached too.
I forgot to say the topic. It was for an article about inventors residing in NM. One of the inventions was a machine that perspires like a human head. Her only comment was to have a person operating a guage, rather than measuring perspiration.
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