Richard Borge
May 2008
AVID print/animation campaign
print ad #1
I was contacted by White Rhino (agency in MASS.) to work on an AVID (editing systems) print campaign early in the year. The thrust of this first ad is to show that AVID is listening to their customers and that the customer feedback is having an effect. Below is the final, along with some detail shots and sketches. One of the really cool things about this project is that I was also commissioned to do a 60 second HD animation (will post later), in the same style as the print work. I also worked with with White Rhino to create the look and feel of the microsite, which was further showing the idea of "new thinking". The flash team did a smashing good job on it. White Rhino and the higher-ups at AVID have been really great to work with, and have provided me a whole lot of creative freedom and support. It has been a fantastic experience so far, with hopefully more coming soon.
concept sketches. the task was to show listening to and processing feedback, positive energy, and "new thinking".
While I was working on the print ad, I was also creating the elements for White Rhino to work with for the microsite. If you click "THINKING" on the microsite, the animation plays. We basically decided to tell the story of the first print ad with the animation, further elaborating on "new thinking". I will post articles about the 2nd print ad and the animation later. link to micorsite and animation:
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