Richard Borge
The Progressive
Here is a recent piece for The Progressive. The article ias titled “Stopping the Giant Sucking Sound”, and it has to do with NAFTA. When I first read the headline, I envisioned a drain pulling water into it (sucking sound).

“NAFTA ushered in an era of job flight, as American manufacturers shifted production to Mexico, the collapse of whole communities once sustained by high-paying manufacturing jobs, the rise of a low-wage service-sector economy, and a dramatic increase in wage inequality accelerated by a race to the bottom for workers on the low end of the income scale.” It also talks about secret negotiations over massive new deals with Europe, Latin America, and Asia.
I’ve always like working with this publication, as it tries to uncover news that is not getting enough air time.

Thanks to Ruth Conniff, Matthew Rothschild and Nikki Willoughby Powell for their help with this.  Sketches below.

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