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Washington Post Cover

This was a cover for the Washington Post last weekend. The article was about lobbyists now using "bots" to gather info on who to lobby, rather than the old-fashioned way of meeting people face to face. We ended up going with a sort of voting machine / robot character to get the idea across. The article spoke quite a bit about "packaging" the data, hence the voter box on the conveyor belt. The art director was Madia Brown... It ended up being such a weird image that I wasn't sure they'd actually run it. They did indeed run it, nice and big.

Some recent work
Hey Drawgers. I've fallen behind on updateds, so here is handful of recent projects I wanted to share. The top 3 were for the Wall Street Journal, and the last one was an illo for Discover magazine.  The Wall St Journal art: top one was about rules changing on money market funds, next down was about Windows needing to dominate the cloud sector, and the time-bomb was about some funds being percieved as time-bombs.  The Discover piece was about using technology to control electrical impulses (and healing) in our bodies.

Je Suis Charlie
BIG wishes for all!

Happy Holidays everyone!  Here is a little card I put together this year with bits and pieces around the shop. The body is a small piece of PVC pipe, the head is (I think) some type of cable connector and the legs are wire. Antlers are wire, plumbers epoxy and paint. The trees are made from cut paper. I ran out of time so animating it will need to wait till next year.  All the best in the new year and may BIG things come to us all in 2015.

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