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I've been off the Drawger grid for a while.
Here’s a piece done for the Wall Street Journal. The article was about “the ties between leadership and performance”. I’ve been learning and using 3D software lately (Cinema 4D) which has been going well. Thanks to Orlie Kraus for the fun assignment, and to the jurors of American Illustration 25 for accepting this piece into the book. I also took some of the other sketches to final, just for fun and to grow the body of work.

Alternate finals.

Rough thumbnails. I generally send a tighter version to the AD, but something about the thumbnails always feels good too.

A couple of screen shots of the working environment in C4D.

Wall St Journal

Here is a piece done recently with Daniel Smith at the Wall Street Journal.  


With M&A deals hitting record levels this year, much of the work lies in the aftermath. Post-merger deal integration is increasingly complex, as deals are bigger and corporate buyers must figure out how to absorb systems, finances and people into a single, cost-effective entity. The job typically falls in the hands of the CFO, who must juggle a variety of daunting tasks while keeping two businesses running”.

I’ve been learning a 3D program (Cinema4D) and have begun incorporating it into my recent illustration work, which has been really fun and rewarding.  

Attached is the final art, a rough sketch and process photos of the work in Cinema4D. 

We applied some very simple movement to the illustration for the online edition of the paper.

Interview on ALTPICK.COM
Here is a really nice interview with me on A big thanks to Andreas von Buddenbrock (who did the initial interview / portrait illo) and Maria Ragusa-Burfield for all the hard work that went into this!

Wall Street Journal
Detail... Corgi Lovers of America.

Here is a piece for The Wall Street Journal from earlier this summer. The article was about the proliferation of dating apps, and how there is something for everyone. Daniel Smith was the art director on this one. It was fun to make some new characters and props, and props to my intern Stela Woo for her help on this.
Final art

Process photos

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