Randy Jones
July 2008
Friars Club Ghosts

I just completed this Friars Club "Save The Date " invitation and poster for  their next roast. It's in honour of Matt Lauer  with Al Roker as Roast-master.  It's a dream come true.
   I've always been a big fan of the roasts and how viscous they can be. My favourite roasters. Jeffrey Ross, Lisa Lampanelli, Artie Lang, and Gilbert Gottfried. Gilbert is the only person I met occasionally in the old National Lampoon offices, and he was so shy . But, on the podium, all hell breaks loose. I wonder if  they broadcast the original Aristrocrats joke on the original Hugh Heffner Roast?
     In addition to the "Save the Date " invitation, and the poster, I'll be drawing several celebrities who will be attending the Roast in October.
    When Susann and I went for lunch to discuss the project, in the Frank Sinatra dining room , they later gave us the   the grand  tour of the "Monastery" . I couldn't help to feel some of the old spirits lurking about the dark panelled walls . When I saw the Billiard table in the Jackie Gleason pool room, I first felt the   nostalgia of old New York and old Hollywood.
It's the smallest building on the block, surrounded by gigantic skyscrapers on east 55th Street.
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