Randy Jones
May 2008
Hanky-Panky in Balmoral Castle:
Tony Blair's wife, Cherie, has just published a lurid autobiography called " Speaking for Myself".
Quentin Letts's article "Memoirs to Forget" mentioned that Mrs Blair "conceived her youngest child after forgetting to take her " contraceptive equipment" to Queen Elizabeth's ill heated Scottish castle, Balmoral, one drafty September."
This is the spark that I needed .
  This illustration was published in the Wall Street Journal's  Liesure & Arts on Saturday, May 24
A Whole New Ball Game...For Me.

This is a Wall Street Journal article that was about Bill Polian, who had the Midas touch  in drafting Super Bowl winners .
Most of you Drawger artist have been photoshopping your colour work for millennia. It's a new ball game for me. I still water-coloured the shadow, then photoshoped the colour. I'm much happier with the vibrant colour on newsprint.
I feel like I'm back in art school .
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