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Traveling Fool (continued)
For some reason this year has been an overload of invitations to various comic related events around the world.The highlight has been having the opportunity to draw in my sketchbook when there's down time (which there usually is lots of).
Here's a few examples, I'm not sure why there are so many ducks.

Contrary to what the duck thought, none of this was boring.

Last week of exhibition
My retrospective in Dumbo is closing next Friday

It includes work from over several decades right up to this year with original art from my graphic novel Ruins.

Along with lots of (overpriced) originals, there are many (reasonably priced(?)) silk screen prints including this Bowie piece above.

and lots and lots of comics.

You can also brows all the work here:
Gallery hours
Tues., Aug. 16th, 1-6 PM
., Aug. 17th,1-6 PM
Thur., Aug. 18th, 1-7 PM
,    Aug. 19th,
1-6 PM
18 Bridge St #2i - located in DUMBO "F" train York st. stop
Eisner Award for Ruins
Pardon the bragging, but my book Ruins won the comics industry award for best graphic novel (new)

Having put in three years of work on the 328 page book, it was very gratifying to get this award. I was so certain I wasn't getting it, I was unprepared with an acceptance speech. Here I am winging it.
Evening highlight, meeting congressman John Lewis who won for his book The March

Here's a few more images from the book which releases this week as a ibook.As a print fan, the hard cover's still the thing.

Spanish edition above

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