Paul Rogers
April 2010
The iPad Cometh

Chris Curry at The New Yorker called last week for an illustration to accompany a piece by Ken Auletta about the iPad and its effect on the book business, digital publishing and e-books.


This is my first assignment from The New Yorker, and I had a little thrill seeing it in the magazine yesterday. I went down to Barnes & Noble to get a copy before mine arrived in the mail, and there was a video hyping the Nook playing in the quiet store.


I’m looking forward to Sunday’s premeire of “Treme,”the new series on HBO from David Simon and a  cast that includes John Goodman and the great Wendell Pierce.

We’re in good hands with Simon, the guy behind “The Wire” and “Homicide: Life on the Street.” The show takes place a few months after Katrina when the city of New Orleans was being actively ignored by the federal government. Things haven’t improved much on that front, but the soul of the Crescent City isn’t going to disappear.

I spent some time in New Orleans after Katrina, and made some sketches that I’ve shown here before, here’s a few more.

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