Roberto Parada
March 2012
I'm in total shock about Amid's passing.  I worked with him and Jennie Chang at EW back in mid December so hearing about his death is hard to believe. 
I met Amid only once and worked with him several times.  Each time was a pleasure because of his easy going style that made you feel like he would support what ever you wanted to do.  I never got to work with him during his run at Esquire, which was really illustration friendly at the time, but always wished we would collaborate in the future.  Then after being at Newsweek for some time he moved over to Rolling Stone after the departure of Andy Cowles.  I was just starting to work again post transplant when Amid had contacted me about woking on the "Immortals Issue" for Rolling Stone.  It couldn't have been a better time and a better assignment.   Amid was so gracious first asking me to illustrate Elvis Costello, but then asking which other musician/group would I prefer to illustrate as well?  I asked him who was left? and when he got to the Sex Pistols I stopped him right there...  "I'll take them".
My conversations with Amid were mostly over the phone and I appreciated his honesty in the friendliest of manners and his ability to poke fun at this business of ours.  It's hard to accept when someone passes while at their peak and Amid is no acception.  He will be missed.
Elvis Costello for Rolling Stone's Immortals Issue.

The Sex Pistols for Rolling Stone's Immortals Issue

George Bush for Newsweek (Amid's second tenure at Newsweek)

Adele, from this last December's EW best of 2012 issue which was art directed by Jennie Chang and Amid. 

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