Roberto Parada
March 2010
The Cheney's

I really enjoy working for New York Magazine and consider myself fortunate when they contact me for any assignment.   This one on the Cheney's was certainly a challenge.    It was tough because the feature was on such a polarizing family " The Cheney's"  It's sort of like having "The Palin's" as an assignment.    However, the Editors didn't have satire or dark humor in mind when asking me to paint a family portrait and a portrait of the, air apparent, to the Cheney political machine,  Liz Cheney.  They wanted something I never thought of before for Liz Cheney…  Hot and Fierce!   and if I could do the same in the family portrait?   I tried to put my bias aside and execute.   


In the family portrait I tried to have both liz and DICK! in a highlighted manner, as to show that special bond they have, and have the other 2 feel separate.   A funny thing happened in my email exchanges with Hitomi Sato (the AD on this feature).  I accidentally, or maybe it was a Freudian slip, referred to Dick and Liz as Dick in Liz.  

Possibly the weapon used to shoot his friend in the face?
This is kind of what I originally had in mind for Dick.
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