Roberto Parada
RollingStone German Edition
Just before I received my Newsweek(The Obama Conquest) assignment, I was asked by RollingStone Germany if I would paint 4 individual covers for the same issue - the "Soul Issue".   They had in mind Marvin Gaye, Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson and Prince. I was told to keep it simple and with short notice that sounds about right.  I started working in rotations with Marvin and Amy, I thought the 2 most challenging ones when I started tracking the Hurricane Storm Sandy on the news.  It was coming my way here in the DC area and right in the middle of my short painting schedule.  I know from experience that when ever we get high winds in this neighborhood a tree is going down on a powerline.  I told Walter at RS Germany that this might be a problem and if he could give me a little more time as I might have to factor in a couple of days without power and good light. He agreed.  As Sure as the sun rises, the minute the storm hit my neighborhood a huge oak landed on the powerlines.  I tried to use as much natural light while working but the house was cold as hell and my fingers were getting stiff - not very conducive to working small and detailed.  At least for me.   Power eventually was restored, a little later than I hoped, and I worked round the clock to finish.  Phew!!!
Sandy was one big SOB that ruined a lot of homes and a lot of lives.  I feel fortunate to have had the outcome that I had.
You can see the layout here.   They made some background color adjustments that I'm OK with.

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