Roberto Parada
March 2011
Some private commissions
It's been a while folks.   Never did realize having in a 16th month old would cut my working day down a bit, but loving every minute.   

Over the last year and half I've been pursuing more private commissions for clients who had bought some original works from me in the past and I thought I could offer them something unique.   So here are some works I did for a pizza restaurant in Baltimore called Iggies.   Iggies are Italian grey hounds.  A smaller version of a regular greyhound and the owner of Iggies in Baltimore, Lisa and Peter, have 4 beautiful Iggies running around their row house.  I asked her if she'd be interested in using their dogs as models for a branding and marketing of their restaurant.  She agreed and we've collaborated on 3 painting so far.  Hopefully more to come.  I thank them for the opportunity.

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