Roberto Parada
June 2010
The Gaffe of the Decade

Joe Barton is a great big jerkoff.   Unless your a political junky he's a relatively unknown congressman from texas who holds some big sway on the energy commission.  He's a very conservative republican and he's now one of the most hated men in America.  Even his own party doesn't want to know him now after that great big dumb apology to BP.   You can see the apology on Steve Brodners post.  
Five years ago I had an opportunity from Texas Monthly to really find out who this guy realy  is.   I thought he was the kind of polititian that even babies despised.  And you know how polititians love being photographed hugging babies.

Tues Night at the Society of Illustrators

Hey Everyone.  I'll be speaking at the Society of Ilustrators, NY on Tues. June 22, at 6:30 to 8:30.   I'll be covering my work before and after my battle with Severe Aplastic Anemia.   I'll be talking about some of the changes I've made in the materials I use, namely oil paint with the AP label,  and how it has made my working conditions safer.  I'll talk about the chemical found in many artist material used today, the devil in disguise, benzene.  And last but not least I'll talk about the  the miracle solvent I use for cleaning today, Mineral Oil.   I look forward to it and hope to see you all there. 
Fragile Earth Exhibition

With the oil disaster in the Gulf the Fragile Earth Exhibition opening tonight at the Society of Illustrators, NY couldn't be more relevant. This is my contribution to the  exhibition.  I choose wildlife and specifically a feline that's so endangered that it could very well be the first feline to become extinct in 10,000 years.   It's the Iberian lynx.  Besides poachers who hunt their pelt illegally, it's the loss of habitat that has been shrinking it's numbers to the point of critical.   Since I live in a flood zone here in Annapolis,  I always wondered what happens to wildlife when a big flood comes and destroys their habitat and way of life.   Floods seem to be occurring more and more with north pole glaciers and Ice caps melting, due to global warming, precariously raising our water levels.   

I will also be speaking  at the society on Tues. June 22 at 6:30 pm to talk about my battle with bone marrow failure and how a toxic studio contributed to my illness.  As well as how I have adapted to a safer way of painting and the materials I currently work with.

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