Roberto Parada
August 2007
The Best Advice of All Time
I wish I had the best advice of all time to give to ya'll but all I could come up with is "if someone offers to buy you a round of drinks you don't turn them down".

April Bell at Money Magazine asked me to come up with an illustration that would work as a spread which included Warren Buffet, Ben Franklin, Picasso,  Harry Truman, Eleanor Roosevelt, Coco Channel, Peter Lynch and the often photographed, Confusious.   The only pretext I had to work with is that Buffet would be the star giving the best advice of all time, and everyone was listening.    Capturing the moment -- that's how I saw it.   It was the first assignment from Money magazine for me in some years.    I'm glad they gave me this opportunity to help me pay my new mortgage off.  Well...  at least a good start.
Ben and Pablo
Warren making hand gestures
Peter Lynch, who must have been a first cousin of Warhol
Lady Channel
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