The Obama Conquest

NOVEMBER 9, 2012

So this was quite a momentous week.  A president re-elected and I managed to sneak my Obama cover by the editors at Newsweek.  Sean Noyce, graciously gave me this opportunity around 10 pm on Sunday.  I should have been on my couch watching football but I was slavishly working on another cover opportunity that was coming to an end as well as emptied my "MOJO Tank".  More on that in a future post.  So as I was nearing the end of that painting when I heard the "Ding" on my macmail...  Do you have time for a cover assignment?.... I was asked...as my eyes were bloodshot and my mind was questionable...  Sure...  It's an instinctual reflex.  Well I've been painting for about 21 days straight, why stop now!  So It was one of those things. It shouldn't have been so easy... but fortunately it was.  The adrenaline of the election and the confirmation of the Obama victory made me focused and determined to get this right.  It's my first Newsweek cover and probably my last in the print form as they are going all digital shortly.   I got lucky.